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Design style frames for Episode 4 of TED's The Way We Work series. Done in Illustrator. Thanks AD Stephanie Swart!


Grayscale boards by Stephanie Swart that I worked off on.


TED's original series The Way We Work explores workplace culture in a series of videos hosted by influential thinkers. This episode, hosted by Wendy De La Rosa, centers on the psychology of saving and spending.

To see my illustration work animated: Stephanie's website

Watch the whole series here:

TED: Colin Helms, Angela Cheng, Corey Hajim, Chloe Shasha, Janet Lee, Hasiba Haq, Maya Sariahmed, Mike Femia
Producer: Saman Maydani
Animation Direction: Stephanie Swart
Illustration: Karen Ko 

Select frames from the episode.

Artboard 1.png
TWWW-Ep4-Sh04c_kko1Artboard 1.png
TWWW-Ep4-Sh06b_kko1Artboard 1.png
TWWW-Ep4-Sh05a_kko1Artboard 1.png
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