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FIVE LEAF CLOVER was a collaborative study project that took place January 2017 among five friends at RISD. Each of us developed a brand that culminated in a line of merchandise consisting of screenprinted shirts, enamel pins, stickers, buttons, and prints. 

My designs draw upon the natural world as a source of inspiration, depicting subjects such as sea life and salad leaves. I imbue my drawings with cartoony life and bouncy shapes, aiming at a gender neutral all-ages audience. Color and playfulness abounds. 

Please click through the slideshows to view the fruits of my labor!

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Clothes: Karen Ko

Models: Karen Ko, Jie En Lee, Linda Liu

Photographed by: Vincent Chen, Linda Liu

Edited by: Karen Ko

Along with silkscreened apparel, I also designed a 4x6" kiss-cut sticker sheet and an 1.25" enamel pin.

We organized a final show and participated in a school-wide sale. Below are some photos from the sale, taken by Vincent Chen.

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